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Don Enevoldsen takes a critical, objective and comprehensive look at the teachings of the Prosperity Message, examining the validity of various claims when compared to the biblical text, discussing the concept of tithing as it is presented in the New Testament, and exploring the practical application of biblical principles of prosperity.

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It is hard to imagine that Jesus intended his disciples to devote their lives to the sterile and repetitive ritual that typifies prayer for so many people. Everything he did in his ministry was focused on bringing life and growth, on making his followers effective. His instructions to the disciples must have had the same goal in mind. When they asked him to teach them how to pray, he must have smiled. If they learned to pray, they could change the world. And that was what he wanted.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide, Simple Prayer describes the essence of how Jesus taught his disciples to pray and how to effectively translate that into our own daily lives.

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