Books by Don Enevoldsen

The Quest for Excellence


Though art in the church through most of history exhibited the highest standards, the past century has seen a decline in quality. Don Enevoldsen explores the reason for this degeneration in quality, tracing it to the tendency for Christians to confuse “spiritual” with “quality.” In The Quest for Excellence, the standards of quality are examined with a view to inspiring Christian artists to create artistic expression of the highest caliber.

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Friends, Family and Other Enemies

The Book of Hebrews says that Jesus "has been tempted in every way, just as we are." How could a sinless, perfect man who was also God, be tempted by anything? In Friends, Family & Other Enemies, Don Enevoldsen explores the lessons to be learned from the life of Jesus and the manner in which he overcame resistance, criticism and antagonism from circumstances, Satan, enemies, leaders, friends, family, and even self.

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On These Two Commandments

Four days prior to the crucifixion, Jesus engaged in a series of confrontations with the religious leaders of the day, as they tried unsuccessfully to entangle him in his words. The crescendo of those debates was the timeless declaration of what God considered the most important of all the commandments: Love God with all your being; Love your neighbor as yourself. "On These Two Commandments" explores the essence of these two greatest commandments with an emphasis on love not as a behavior requirement, but as a way of thinking and of being.

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The Wealth of the Wicked

What Happens When Greed Infiltrates a Biblical teaching? The Wealth of the Wicked explores the biblical truth behind the prosperity teaching and the self-serving ambition that has corrupted its impact.

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Simple Prayer

It is hard to imagine Jesus intended his disciples to devote their lives to the sterile and repetitive ritual that typifies prayer for so many people. Everything he did in his ministry was focused on bringing life and growth, on making his followers effective. When his disciples asked him to teach them how to pray, he must have smiled. If they learned to pray, they could change the world. Using the Lord's Prayer as a guide, Simple Prayer describes the essence of how Jesus taught his disciples to pray and how to effectively translate that into our own daily lives.

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